The Youngest Person To Set Seven Peak Record


American teenager Jordan Romero sets seven-peak milestone.

A Southern California teenager has become the youngest person to successfully climb to the summit of the seven tallest mountains on Earth’s seven continents. He beat the seven-peak record previously held by British climber George Atkinson, who completed the ascents at age 16 in May. He was 13 years 10 months 10 days old when he climbed Mount Everest (29,035 feet). His team, which also comprises of his father and stepmother, are confident of completing their descent back to base camp later on Sunday, Dec 25, 2011. The other peaks climbed by Jordan are Mt Elbrus in Russia, Mt Aconcagua in Argentina, Mt McKinley in the US and Indonesia’s Carstensz Pyramid. “It’s my dream we are following to the highest points on every continent,” Jordan says on his blog. “I know it’s a big goal and lucky for me my family is supporting me every step of the way.” Jordan reached the summit of Mt Vinson Massif in Antarctica on Saturday, the final peak in a quest he started six years ago.

Watch video below: