Venetian Annual Masked Ball To Launch

Carnaval de Venice
Carnaval de Venice

The event traditionally attracts thousands of tourists.

Throughout history people have enjoyed masquerades, and one of the most famous Masked Ball is the Carnival of Venice. The theme for 2012 is “La vita`e teatro. Tutti in maschera” (“Life is theater. It’s time to get masked”) and from Feb. 11 through 21 the Venetians’ love of pomp and splendor will once again become an international spectacle. This festival is mosaic of arts, made up of live music, comedy, acrobats, dazzling dancing and costume parades, if you want to experience Venice this is Venice at its best. Festivities, according to tradition, began at San Marco Square, at the Wine Fountain, where wine pours instead of water.

Watch Carnaval of Venice best masks 2012: