Spanish Hiriko CityCar Folds Up To Easy Parking

Hiriko City Car
Hiriko City Car

The electric Hiriko city car folds down into tight parking places and is very maneuverable.

The urban electric car, which will be built in Vitoria-Gasteiz, feature a unique folding design that allows them to park in a very limited space. This teeny fold-up car will be silently zipping along the streets of major European cities in 2013. The car has been a concept for several years, a production model was unveiled in Brussels this week, all ready for its debut in Spain next year. This electric vehicle, whose battery pack would be leased, is a two-seater with 4-wheel drive and a range in excess of 100 kilometer, or about 60 miles. The Citycar’s usage can have a rental system, where drivers can rent one for the day. Or, alternatively, it could be released for sale privately at around 12,500 euros (£10,500).

Watch video below: