Italy Cruise Ship Costa Concordia Disaster

Costa Concordia Disaster
Costa Concordia Disaster

The Costa Concordia was on a trip around the Mediterranean when it apparently hit a reef near the island of Giglio.

The Costa Concordia was Europe’s largest-ever cruise ship when it launched in 2006, with a giant spa and two swimming pools covered by a crystal roof – a ship, Costa promised, to “symbolise peace and harmony between European nations”. Costa Concordia struck a rock off Tuscany on Saturday, January 14, and partially submerged. At least three people – two French passengers and a crewmember from Peru – were killed and 67 were injured. About 40 passengers are still missing. 3,200 passengers from 62 countries were on board the vessel. Francesco Schettino, the captain of the luxury liner is being accused of abandoning the ship before all passengers were rescued. He and first officer Ciro Ambrosio were detained last night at the police station in Porto Santo Stefano on the Italian mainland, as they faced continuing questioning about the events leading up to the disaster. The rescue operation is still underway.

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