Hinamatsuri: Japan’s Doll Festival For Girls

Japan's Doll Festival
Japan’s Doll Festival

Hinamatsuri is a special celebration for girls and families.

The Festival is a time to pray for the health and welfare of the nation’s daughters. During the festival, dolls are displayed on stands against gold leaf backgrounds. The platforms covered with a red carpet presenting dolls of emperors and empress, ministers, servants and orchestra are exhibited on shop-windows. The Hina dolls are not for playing, they are used as a decoration and kept after a holiday in boxes till the next year. This year’s festival, which will be held in the Garden Room, features hands-on crafts, Japanese tea and a hinaningyo (traditional Girls’ Day doll) display.

Hina Dolls At Konosu City Hall
Hina Dolls At Konosu City Hall