Angry Birds Will Turn Into 52-episode Cartoon Series This Fall

Angry Birds Movie
Angry Birds Movie

A film of the game is due to hit cinema screens in 2015.

Since its release two years ago, Angry Birds has been downloaded a massive 700million times, and Rovio, the company responsible for the bird-flinging-pig-exploding fun is worth £5.6billion. The game developer Rovio will be releasing a weekly cartoon series, debuting this fall. The 52-episode show is being produced in-house at Rovio’s Finland studio and each cartoon will be between two-and-a-half and three minutes. The company said the series will be available on a variety of devices and platforms worldwide. At the MIPTV conference Rovio’s head of animation Nick Dorra said, that an Angry Birds film is currently in development, but won’t be ready in two years.

Watch Angry Birds Cinematic Trailer below: