Top 10 Laptop Brands



Top 10 Laptop Brands 2013

Here is the list of well known companies manufacturing laptops and are available in the market. This portable device is considered to be the more and more popular in the world. Fast temps of technological development make the wide varieties of international brands to offer the  best features, reasonable price, and reliability. The only problem is to decide which model brand is the best and most used by the people.

The Apple laptops are known as Mac books. Two variants of the Macbook series – MacBook Pro and MacBook Air – are available in the market. The good reabillity reason of this brend is its  innovative unique features and portability. Apple has made a huge place in the technology market.

This Chinese brand with admirable reputation in the laptop industry  has a headquarter in United States. The most renowned models of the brend’s  ThinkPad series of laptops are Lenovo ThinkPad and IdeaPad. The high quality products add this brand in the list of favorite brands in the world.

The products of this Taiwan company are well known by its high performance notebooks and gaming computers. The company’s slogan is: “Inspiring Innovation. Persistent Perfection.” The laptops Asus are worldly famous for their enhance features and easiness.

The company is subsidiary of Dell, Inc. The company produces an affordable laptop mainly for playing games or other multimedia purposes. The LED screen, keyboard backlight and  the neon covers of the laptop has made it a truly unique.

The company is one of the new ones in the field of technology. The parent company of this brand is Acer. Its best features and better product quality has made it one of the most recognized laptop brand in the whole world. This laptops are quite affordable and effortless in functioning.

Hewlett Packard is a trusted name in computers all around the world for a long time. HP is famous worldwide for its outstanding multimedia performance, glossy design and the best value. The HP Pavilion series of laptops have a large success in the customers market.

This worldwide popular company are known for its features, design and functionality. Laptops produced by the Japanese brand are entirely different from other brands. The distinguishing feature is its unique, best quality display. Sony launched its laptops under the Vaio name.

This Japanese reputable brand in the consumer laptop market  is known for for its trustworthiness, quality and finest features. The highest performance laptops are the best and oldest in this category. All Toshiba laptops models are equally popular among the customers.

This product is from Taiwan. Its  fashion oriented laptops are popular for their affordability and have number of attractive features. Acer also has luxury model line. The Ferrari notebook is one from the Aser’s luxury model line which has become very popular because of its unique features.

This one of the most famous computer companies in the world is directing its efforts on thin and light designs of laptops. Its laptops are very user friendly and are suited for both personal uses as well as for business purposes. Dell’s most popular models are the OptiPlex and the Inspiron.