Audi A2 Electric Concept Car


Audi is ready to show its new electric car concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011.

The 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show is nearly upon us, and concept vehicles are flying out of the ether at an ever-increasing rate. Company Audi is ready to launch the one of the finest electric cars. Audi A2 Consept car is a stylish five-door hatchback with a panoramic roof and spacious salon for four seats, length of 3.8 meters (12.47 feet), width 1.69 m, height 1.49 m. With the A2 Concept, Audi is looking to move its LED lighting technology into the next generation. The headlights feature a high-resolution, non-glaring high beam and high-efficiency low beam light modules. For the taillights, Audi is looking towards laser lighting, and the rear-facing illumination uses diodes that project a beam of light while also adapting to the changing lighting conditions. Additionally, the brake lights will adjust their illumination based on how much force is applied to the pedal.

Watch video below: