The Electric Rolling Shoes spnKiX


The Electric Motorized Skates spnKiX are closer to production.

These motorized skates strap directly onto your ordinary shoes and turn them into spnKIX. They might not be as temptingly dangerous as the 20mph gas-powered skates which were seized by British customs back in the summer of 2007. The Electric Rolling Shoes spnKIX were designed by Peter Treadway from JPWorks. Peter has already made over 30 prototypes of the spnKiX and is ready for prime-time. The spnKiX are rather dully described as “wearable mobility,” but what they really are is electric skates. For now, spnKIX are trying to get funded through Kickstarter, and has a goal of raising $25,000 for them to go into production. They expect to roll them out in March 2012, and a pledge of $375 (USD) gets you a pair.

Watch video below: