Google Launches Android Music Store

Google Music
Google Music

Google Music store was launched in the US with a number of exclusives from artists such as The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Pearl Jam.

Google Music, with more 13 million songs, will be integrated with Android Market, the company’s online store for smartphone apps and videos as it plays catch-up with its rivals. The service includes deals with three major music companies and allows users to buy music, and upload and store up to 20,000 songs for free. Tracks bought from the store are automatically synced to users’ library, while there is also the option to share one full free play of a track with a friend using the Google+ social networking site. The giant web search company has scored exclusive rights to releases from a number of artists, including six unreleased live performances by the Rolling Stones, a five-track live EP from Coldplay, and Busta Rhymes’ new studio album, also offer free live albums from Pearl Jam, Shakira, and Dave Matthews Band.

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