Digital Contact Lens Almost Reality

Digital Contact Lenses
Digital Contact Lenses

Contact lens capable of displaying text and images is almost reality.

A group of ophthalmologists and optoelectronics scientists are currently working on lens that can display information directly to the retina. The idea of having images and text streamed live across your contact lenses has been used in many Hollywood films. The super lens, provisonally titled “single-pixel wireless contact lens display”, is made out of a polymer substrate, light-emitted diode, antenna, and an integrated circuit to harvest the wireless power. Scientists used a special kind of miniature LED to suit their purpose. Terminator-style contact lenses are currently in the prototype stage, and big developments are expected in the coming years. The end goal is having a HUD style layer of information overlaid on top of your field of vision, merging Augmented Reality with your day to day existence.

Watch vidio below: