2012 North American International Auto Show In Detroit Is Opened

2012 Detroit Auto Show
2012 Detroit Auto Show

The 2012 Detroit Auto Show debuts on January 9 and will open its gates to visitors until January 22.

The numbers of international automakers from all over the world are presented at 2012 Detroit Auto Show. The exhibition is structured in four periods; during the first days, there is the press preview, followed by the industry preview and the charity preview. During January 14 and January 22, the concept cars may be viewed by the lay public. Some vehicles will make their debuts and will try to attract attention from visitors. The majority of the designs that will be introduced this year are electric or hybrid. This year’s Detroit auto show also returns to luxury. People paid $500 a ticket to see 28 of the world’s most expensive cars, including a $2m Aston Martin One-77 and McLaren MP4-12C. But even in the luxury end of the market BMW, Lexus and Mercedes added fuel economy hybrids to their ranges too. Both Ford and Chrysler used the annual gathering to launch new models aimed at tapping what they expect will be rising demand from drivers in the world’s biggest economy. A panel of 50 automotive journalist choose the winners from a group of finalists.

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