Shin Kicking Championship

Shin Kicking World Championship
Shin Kicking World Championship

World Shin Kicking Competition Takes Place In England Jun 5, 2011

Gloucestershire, England. One of the most popular events at the annual “Cotswold Olimpick Games”, The Shin-Kicking World Championships is a bruising discipline, not for faint hearted competitors or spectators. Organizers say it’s an age old fascination with pain that makes the Shin Kicking the main “Olimpick” event that draws the biggest crowds. All that is required to enter the event is two feisty feet and as much straw as you can shove in your pant legs to protect your shins. The idea is to kick your opponent’s shins until you bring them down, the harder you kick, the more likely you are to win. Attracting thousands of visitors each year the “Robert Dover Cotswold Olimpicks”, first held in 1612, are held annually on Dover’s Hill, near Chipping Camden, Gloucestershire.

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